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About Us

KPBA: Mission Statement, Committees and Meetings
Mission Statement
The Kenner Professional Business Association shall provide, encourage, and promote for its membership:

  • A Network Exchange

  • Professional/Commercial Enhancement Opportunities

  • Economic Growth And Development

  • Community Service

Active Committees
Business Card
Coordinates all exchanges for membership networking

Civic and Community Awareness
Keeps organization in touch with regional and state interests as well as local community projects

Greets all members and guests at meetings; welcomes and orients new members

Gathers and maintains an accurate roster of members, promotes new membership and submits to Board for approval, publishes the annual membership directory

Collects funds at all meetings and events, and keeps accurate records of receipts and attendance

Arranges the monthly general membership meeting site; telephones members on meetings/functions; assists in special functions of the organization

Ways and Means
Organizes and conducts fund raising events

General Membership Meetings
Kenner Professional Business Organization's General Membership meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month to network, pass business, and listen to various speakers on best practices in all aspects of the business world. Registration and Networking begins promptly at 11:30 AM, and the lunch program begins at 12:00 Noon. These meetings are a great way to build relationships with your fellow KPBA members as well as consistently educate them on your products and/or services.

Reservations are required. For details on the location, speaker and topic, please refer to the home page.

To make a reservation, email reservations@kpba.biz. We look forward to having you there!

Business Card Exchange
Business Card Exchanges are powerful lunch meetings all about networking, networking, networking. The meetings begin with games that force its players to get to shaking hands and exchanging cards.

Whether it's Business BINGO or a Hobby Guessing Game, you're sure to go away with a list of new business associates. These Exchanges meet on the last Thursday of the last month of each Quarter. Light lunch is provided.

Refer to the calendar or the home page for updates.
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